YZR Series Three Phase Electric Motor
Product Details

YZR series is the up to date design electric motor with the characteristic of big overload capacity and high mechanical strength, which is especially adequate for driving all sorts of metallurgical machinery and hoisting machine or the other similar equipments. YZR series is wound rotor electrical motor and YZ series is Squirrel-cage type electrical motor.


large overload capacity

high mechanical strength

adjustable braking torque

compact structure

convenient to use and maintain

1). The motor can work well when the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
2).The motors posses a better enclosure, degree of protection IP44 for normal site condition and IP54 from metallurgical condition.
3). There are two classes of F and H insulation, Class F is applicable to suit temperature which cool air does not exceed 40 under normal condition, Class H is suitable for metallurgical sites when ambient temperature no exceeding 60 both motors have same data.
4). Motor's rated voltage and frequency is 380V, 50Hz.
5). Frame size is from 112 to 280.