YZR Series Three-phase Asynchronous Motor For Crane
Product Details

YZR series three-phase asynchronous motors are new series products designed united in China for hoisters.  The rating class and mounting dimensions comply with the requirements of IEC standard, which are in favor of the export trade and interchange in corresponding motor for the import equipment.

The rated voltage is 380V, the rated frequency is 50Hz and the degree of protection by enclosure for general environment is IP44, whereas that for metallurgical environment is IP54.  There are two kinds of insulation class, that is, F and H.  Class F is suitable for general place where it is not more than 40°C and class H is suitable for metallurgical environment where it is not more than 60°C. The two kinds of motors are the same in parameters. 

These motors are suited for power drive for the hoisters and other similar equipment, international periodic duty type S3, starting and braking frequently, and the equipment having obvious impact and vibration.