YD Series Two Speed Double Power Electric Motor
YD Series Two Speed Double Power Electric Motor
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The YD series pole variable speed motor is one of the series of Y series motors. It changes the pole number and output power of the motor by changing the connection of the winding to match the load characteristic of the mechanical equipment. 

The series of motor voltage and frequency, working mode, protection grade, installation form and shape size are the same as that of Y series (IP44).

The motor speed of this series has three kinds of speed: double speed, three speed and four speed. The polar ratio has nine kinds: 4/2, 6/4, 8/4, 8/6, 12 /6, 6/4/2, 8/4/2 and 8/6/4, 12/8/6/4 and so on. Its main performance index is similar to the advanced level of similar products abroad, and the old series has been greatly improved. Frame: H80 ~ 280, 0.35 ~ 82KW, synchronous speed 3000:1500:1000:750RPM, voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz, protection grade IP44, B insulation grade, ambient temperature of -15 to +40 DEG C, at an altitude of less than 1000M.

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