3 Phase Asynchronous 100% Copper Electric Motor
3 Phase Asynchronous 100% Copper Electric Motor
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Y series three phase asynchronous motor is a basic series of squirrel cage induction motors for general use. It is the center, high power rating and installation dimensions are in accordance with the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission standard. Products at home and abroad in all kinds of mechanical equipment.

Y series motor center high 80355mm. The insulation class is B, protection grade IP44, cooling method IC411. The basic installation modes are IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, V1, V3 etc.. Working mode: S1 continuous working system, environmental temperature 15 - +40 C, 1000 meters below sea level. Voltage 380V, frequency 50HZ. Connection: 3KW and below Y, 4KW and above for the delta connection.

Y series motors have the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, small vibration, light weight, small size, good performance, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and so on. Mechanical equipment widely used in various industries, agriculture, construction, mining without special requirements. The wind machine, water pump, machine tools, lifting and agricultural and sideline products processing machinery etc..

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