High Quality JR Series Electric Wound Rotor Motor
Product Details

JR series medium motor can drive a variety of machinery, such as ventilation machines, compressors, pumps, broken machine, ball mill, cutting machine, transport machinery and other equipment, for coal, machinery industry, power plants and various kinds of industrial and mining enterprises as the prime mover.

 This series of motors is protective. According to the needs of users, the motor can also be made into duct ventilation.

Protection type electric motor should be at an altitude of not more than 1000 meters, ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 degrees Celsius, air clean, no acid, alkali and other corrosion of the indoor air. Motors are not allowed to work in environments containing explosive gases or dust.

When the temperature of the air around the motor exceeds the above regulations or the air is not clean, the pipeline should be ventilated. At this time through the motor at both ends of the cooling air temperature should be 0 degrees ~+40 degrees Celsius, and should ensure that the internal air pressure of the pipeline and motor is higher than the pressure of the surrounding air, when necessary, should be equipped with blower, dust filter, etc..

The rotor winding is not allowed to be directly connected to start.