Big Type Synchronous Induction Motor
Big Type Synchronous Induction Motor
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There are three main modes of operation of a synchronous motor, that is, as a generator, motor and compensator.

As the generator operation is the most important operation of synchronous motor.

As the motor running is another important operation of synchronous motor. Synchronous motor power factor can be adjusted

Synchronous motor

Festival, where speed regulation is not required, the application of a large synchronous motor can improve operational efficiency. Small synchronous motor in the frequency control system began to get more applications.

Synchronous motor can also be connected to the grid as a synchronous compensation machine. In this case, the motor does not have any mechanical load, and the excitation current in the rotor sends out the desired inductive or capacitive reactive power to the power grid to achieve the purpose of improving the power factor of the power grid or regulating the power grid voltage.


In steady-state operation, there is a constant relationship between the rotor speed and the grid frequency n = ns = 60f / p, where f is the grid frequency, p is the pole pair number of the motor and ns is the synchronous speed. If the frequency of the grid is constant, the speed of the synchronous motor is constant at steady state regardless of the size of the load. Synchronous motor is divided into synchronous generator and synchronous motor. The exchange machine in the modern power plant mainly uses the synchronous generator.

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