YL Series 220V Stand Induction AC Motor
Product Details

1.production introduction

YL single phase electric motor with superior finish, externally ventilated, light weight construction and top mounted terminal box. And the motor meets related stipulations of IEC standard. 

it has the following features:

1. High efficiency                  2. Energy saving

3. Low noise                         4. Small vibration

5. High reliability                   6. Nice appearance

7. Convenient operation and maintenance

2. Features of products

electric motor may be used extensively in general conditions without inflammable, explosive or corrosive gases and on mechanical equipment with special requirement, such as:

1. Metal cutting machine              2. Pumps

3. Blower fan                            4. Transport machinery

5. Agitator                                6. Agricultural machinery

7. Machinery for food industry

3. Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:-15 °C~40 °C

Altitude: no higher than 1000 meters from sea level

Protection Class:IP44、IP54、IP55              

Cooling Type:IC0141

Insulation Class:B、F、H                    

Operation Type:S1

Rated Volt:115/230、220V                    

Rated Frequency:60Hz、50Hz