Z4 Strong Power DC Drilling Machine Motor

DC motor is an electric motor that converts DC energy into mechanical energy. Because of its good speed control performance, it has been widely used in electric drive. DC motor according to the excitation mode is divided into permanent magnet excitation and self excitation, he 3 categories, which are divided into self and shunt, series and shunt 3.

When the DC power supply through the brush to the armature winding power supply, current armature surface N pole conductor can flow in the same direction, the left hand rule will be conductor torque counterclockwise; the armature current surface conductor S pole also flows in the same direction, the same according to the conductor will be left torque counterclockwise the direction of the. In this way, the whole armature winding, i.e., the rotor will rotate counterclockwise, converts the DC energy input to the mechanical energy output on the rotor shaft. It consists of stator and rotor, stator: base, main pole, reversing pole, brush device, rotor (armature): armature core, armature winding, commutator, rotating shaft and fan etc.