YVF Electric Motor's Future

Since 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has started the implementation of the "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Initiative". Since then, smart manufacturing has increasingly become the major trend and core content of the manufacturing industry in the future. It also sets higher demands on the automation of machinery. From the current market point of view, China's machinery automation and control has been to high-precision and high reliability of high-end equipment development. Wingo Star Electric Motor has a full range of inverters, PLCs, servo systems and human-machine interfaces, covering the needs of mechanical automation. Intelligent manufacturing is for the entire manufacturing industry, Fuji Electric's broad product line can meet the relevant requirements, just need to put these products in series, so that more customers can see that Wingo Star Electric can not only provide a single product, but also provide System integration solutions to enhance the production efficiency of customer systems, maximize product added value.


As each industry has specific needs, according to the actual needs of customers to provide cost-effective products and high value-added services is the future direction.

In recent years, domestic inverter business momentum of rapid development, the company stabilizes the existing market, the gradual accumulation of technology and resources, beginning to the mid-market. Some inverter manufacturers used in the high-end market, in addition to seize the original high-end market, are more willing to move closer to the mid-market, with a view to expanding its market share. In such a squeeze under the market, leaving the market for Fuji Electric getting smaller and smaller. In the face of this situation, Wingo Star Electric to do is to cultivate the industry, pay close attention to the characteristics of each industry, to provide customers with both stability and cost-effective products. Customization is the future direction of the development of manufacturing industry.


However, some European and American, Japanese inverter brand, its products are more mature in all aspects, are more willing to do GM. We all know that the different standards of inverter products used in different industries are actually different. Some industries that do not require high frequency inverters will inevitably pay for these over-designed products when using these common inverter products, resulting in a rise in the cost of resource waste and the gradual loss of competitive advantage for enterprises. For Wingo Star Electric Motor, tailor-made products for specific industries, you can be closer to customer needs, firmly grasp the customer.Different industries need different products, Wingo Star Electric Motor will rely on the industry to customer needs as a benchmark, while grasping the midrange inverter market at the same time, using their accumulated reputation in the industry, and gradually to New areas to expand and march.