YRkk Series Motors

Basic Info

Model NO.:YRKK SERIES 3-Phase asynchornous motorsApplication:Industrial, Universal, Driving Various Machinery Equipments , Such as Fan
Operating Speed:Constant SpeedNumber of Stator:Three-Phase
Species:Slip Ring MotorsRotor Structure:Squirrel-Cage
Casing Protection:Closed TypeStarting Mode:Driect on Line Starting or Soft Starter
Higher Electrical Performance:Moise Proof AbilityTrademark:WINGO STAR
Origin:Made in ChinaHS Code:8501

YRKK three-phase asynchornous dose type wound rotor motors with air-air coolers are designed by combining advanced technology of domestic and foreign countries and according to relative national standards.
YRKK series motors can be used for driving various machinery equipments, such as fan, compressor, pump, crusher, rollmill. Etc. It also can be used as prime mover in mine, power plant and other industrial and mining factory.
These series motors are horizontal mouning (IMB3), closed type, IP44-IP55; If adding filter, IP43 also avaiable. The symmetry ventijation system offers excellent heat dispersing performance.
The motor frame is of box structure and welded with steel plates.
Stator insulation class F, external pressing structure.
Adopt high quality cold roll silicon steel for stator and rotor core. They are low of loss and has a good insulation preformance on the surface, hence a higher efficiency of the motor.
Insulation class of stator and roto winding id F, Use mica tape for stator winding's main insulation. The whole stator core with winding is VPI processed, which provide a higher electrical preformance and moisture proof ability. The gas of the motor is also be prolonged by this process.
Rotor winding use mica tape and is VPI processed by whole, Motor has slip ring which is VPI processed, slip ring is mounted on the non-driven side of the motor with a protection cover which prevents the winding form brush powder an is convenient for changing brush.
Bearings (H355-630) are usually rolling bearings; But sliding bearings for large motors(H710-1000) or cutom bearings.
The main terminal box with the protection class of IP55 is usually mounted onf the top side of the motor or the right side as customer required. Main terminal box has large space which facilitated connection. Slip ring has independent terminal box with the protection class of IP44.
Temperature detector can be applied to stator and bearing; And the heater can also be added upon customer's requirement, Winding roto motors have good starting performance which can meet customer's requirement of low starting current but big starting torque as well as small-range speed adjustion.
Altitude on more than 1000m; Enviroment temperature changes by season, but not exceeds 40 degree.
High average relative humidity is 90% in the humidest month whose average minimum termperature is not voer 25 degree.
Motor duty S1, rated frequency 50HZ.
The technical date in this sample are dubjedt to change without notice.
Other special condition and requierment:
Additional technical agreement is needed in the case of non-standard power, voltage, frequency, dimension, high altitued, special temperature, special working condition, gas, frequenc start-up, space heater and so on.