Yr Series (IP23) Three-Phase Asynchronous Slip-Ring Motor

Basic Info

Model NO.:YR Series motorsApplication:Industrial, Universal, Power Tools, Suger Mill
Operating Speed:Constant SpeedNumber of Stator:Three-Phase
Species:Slip Ring Electric MotorRotor Structure:Winding Type
Casing Protection:Closed TypeStarting Mode:Small Current Starting
Color:Please Offer Us The Pantone Which You Would LikeTrademark:WINGO STAR
Specification:micro motorOrigin:HEBEI, China

YR series (IP23) three-phase asynchronous motors slip-ring motor is shielded, YR400 latest design of low-voltage high-power motor. Motor power rating and mounting dimensions in accordance with IEC international standard shell protection grade IP23, cooling method IC01, continuous working system (S1). Applicable to non-flammable, explosive, corrosive gas and cleaner, more natural spaces.
This series motors can be smaller starting current, larger starting torque and speed can be adjusted within a certain range, can be widely used in: (1) greater than squirrel-cage rotor motor starting torque; (2) feed line capacity sufficient to start squirrel cage rotor motor; (3) frequent start-up time is longer and start; (4) requires a small area governor; (5) together into electrical axis synchronous transmission and other occasions.: Winch, hoist, wire drawing machine, compressor, ball mill, squeezed sugar machine, winches, transmission with heavy load starting, short-term load operation of machinery and equipment.
This series of motors has advantages of high efficiency, strong overload capacity, low noise, small vibration, reliable structure, good looks, especially for exports, and can be imported equipment, interchangeable. This series motor is used for to replace JR JR2, JR3 old series slip-ring motor upgrade product, to achieve energy saving and improve the technical level of supporting host and run the ideal product reliability.
Motor using a Class B or Class F insulation, rated voltage of 380V (can also be made​ ​ Of 660V), rated frequency of 50Hz stator delta connection (660V Y connection) and rotor for Y connection. Construction and mounting of the motor IMB3 (base with foot, end cap flange, horizontal). Stator and outlet: H160-315 side of the outlet; H355-400 top qualifying.
This series motor full voltage direct start, but starting rotor circuit must be connected to starting rheostat or frequency sensitive resistor, normal operation should start after the completion of three rotor winding lead wire shorted. Allowed in the collector ring or the brush holder (including the three lead line) directly shorted starter use. The figure below shows the starting rheostat wiring schematics (for reference).
Model Description:
For example: YR (IP23) 400 L 3-8 J
YR: Slip-ring three-phase asynchronous motor
(IP23): International protection class code
400: Center Height (mm)
L: Base length code
3: Core length code
8: Pole number
J: Increased power on the basis of the standard power level
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Power range: 4~630 KW
Protection class: IP23
Insulation class: Class B or Class F
Cooling method: IC01
Working mode: S1
Pole number: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12