YLKK500-10Vertical High Voltage 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor Re-exported To Europe.

  12 YLKK500-10 vertical high voltage 3 phase asynchronous motors produced by Wingo Star Electric Motor Manufacturer are re-exported to Europe. We use the quality of the motor again to prove the manufacture of China. 

  In order to ensure the smooth progress of the order, our company reviews the user rquirements from the design, process, quality and production departments, verifies and reviews, and formulates the key process control plan for special products. We scientifically arranges the production of overtime, carries out the 24 hour rotation system, and strictly ensures the production process of the motor and the quality of the products, and ensure that the performance of the motor is superior to the industry standard.



  We insist on exporting the best quality motor, so as to attract more customers. The 12 high voltage vertical motors exported to Europe, although the European manufacture needs a short time, the task is tight, we still meet user requirements in the purpose of strict quality control procedures, and finally in April 6th passed the user acceptance, 9 evening all the packages sent to the port of Shanghai. 


  Wingo Star's all employees creat a new overseas brand with their own practical actions, at the same time, our company has received many foreign motor production orders from Russia, Italy and other countries.