YKS Series Long-Life Closed Squirrel Cage Efficient Motor

Water-cooled motor for the brushless structure, excellent load characteristics, low-speed performance, start torque, start the current is small, to meet the needs of electric cars frequent start, saving energy.

● The water-cooled motor is more efficient than the brushed DC water-cooled motor and the AC variable frequency water-cooled motor (only high efficiency near the rated point), and the quality of the vehicle is significantly improved. Improve the battery life.

● No spark. Do not need to replace the carbon brush, compact structure, overload capacity, long service life.

● Water-cooled motor with plug-in rare earth magnet, especially for bumps, repeated start, high-speed, vigorously refused to start, positive and negative operation needs.

● Water-cooled motor rotor with a strong magnetic field, in the sliding and braking state when the power generation effect is good, do not need to absorb the battery power excitation (brush DC water-cooled motor or AC water-cooled motor needs), energy feedback effect, good electric brake effect.