YKK Series Asynchronous Induction Electric Motor

YKK high voltage motor is a squirrel cage asynchronous motor with three phase asynchronous motor as enclosed air cooler. The protection level is IP44 or IP54, and the cooling method is IC611.


The frame and end cover of the motor are made of steel plate. The box type structure is used to open the upper cover, and the whole situation of the motor can be observed. All the missing can be disassembled and installed, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. The protection grade is IP23, and the cooling mode is IC01.

The motor has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, reliable performance, various machinery with the drive to do: including compressor, water pump, crushing machine, cutting machine and other equipment, and can be used for coal, machinery industry, power plants and various industrial and mining enterprises as the prime mover for.

The structure and mounting type of the motor are IMB3, the rated is continuous working system (S1), and the rated frequency is 50Hz.