YE3 Series Foot Mounted Motor

YE3 motors are ultra high efficiency motors (energy-efficient motors), using new motor design, new processes and new materials, by reducing electromagnetic energy, thermal and mechanical energy losses, and improving the motor output efficiency of the motor.

The motor is IP55, the cooling method is IC411,continuous duty”(S1). Class F protection degree insulation structure, but the full range of temperature at B level assessment; and requested the assessment load noise; H315 ~ 355 motor already has installed oiling settings. The motor rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, power rating 0.75~375KW, contain 2P, 4Pand 6P motor. The level of the motor run place no more than 1000 m; The highest temperature is not more than 40°C, the lowest air temperature is -15°C.


Rated voltage: 380V

Frequency: 50HZ

Mounting type: IMB3

Protection degree: IP54/IP55

Cooling method: IC411

Insulation class: class F

 Ambient conditions: altitude should not be over 1000 meters above sea level, the vary of ambient temperature should not be exceed 40°C.