Y2 Series Of Motor Three Notable Features

Y2 series motor works and single-phase asynchronous motor although similar, but the former rotor resistance is much larger than the latter, so Y2 series motor and stand-alone asynchronous motor, there are three notable features:

1, starting torque

As the rotor resistance is large, compared with the torque characteristics of ordinary asynchronous motor curve, there are significant differences. It can make the critical slip S0> 1, which not only makes the torque characteristics closer to the linear, but also has a larger starting torque. Therefore, when the stator has a control voltage, the rotor immediately turn, that is, with fast start, high sensitivity characteristics.

2, a wide range of operations

3, no rotation phenomenon

Normal operation of the Y2 series motor, as long as the loss of control voltage, the motor immediately stop running. When the motor is out of control voltage, it is in a single-phase operating state, due to the rotor resistance, the stator in the opposite direction of rotation between the rotating magnetic field and the rotor generated by the two torque characteristics and synthetic torque characteristics.

In the current industrial production Y2 series motor can be said to be indispensable in our lives, there are many mechanical equipment are inseparable from the Y2 series motor applications, and plays a very important role.

Y2 series motor is a professional technical parameters and design experience in the combination of fan characteristics of the professional research and production, Y2 series motor with a smooth start, efficient, energy saving, low noise, vibration, safe and reliable operation and so on. At the same time, because it relies on the axial fan to run the airflow cooling, the motor does not have the wind cover, which makes the motor volume smaller, can help the fan manufacturers to effectively reduce the fan volume.

Through the above description you are not on the Y2 series motor has a certain understanding of it, want a high quality