Y Series Motor Installation And Removal

According to our life in the Y series motor disassembly and installation of the rotor, should be careful not to hit the core and the stator winding, before taking out the rotor, the rotor should be below the air gap and the end of the winding padboard, so as not to take out the rotor touch Damage the core and winding, there are many people do not know the installation and removal, then we understand the next Y series motor installation and removal.

For the rotor within 30Kg, can be directly out by hand, both hands hold the rotor end, one hand pull the rotor, the other hand to support the rotor core gradually moving out, large Y series motor rotor demolition, for the larger Y series motor, If the rotor is pulled out of the base part of the seat is long enough to lift with the lifting equipment, but in lifting, should pay attention to protect the journal, stator windings and rotor core duct, for the rotor shaft out of the base part of the shorter Of the motor can be in the rotor shaft at one or both ends of the set of steel pipe length, in the Y series motor rotor on the left side of a steel pipe, and then in two steps to lift the rotor.

Lifting equipment can be used crane such as manual hoist, the installation of the rotor method and steps and the removal of the rotor the opposite, but also pay attention to the Y series motor parts of the protection, Y series motor is the use of die-cast aluminum shell to replace the traditional cast iron The Y series motor has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient maintenance, more environmentally friendly production process, high production efficiency, convenient transportation and so on, so as to be deep, Welcomed by the user, but because of its aluminum processing technology requirements are high, the chassis, the end of the concentricity of the difference: the second aluminum shell does not conduct magnetic field, the motor forehead magnetic circuit relative to the iron motor saturation, electromagnetic force wave Relatively large: these two characteristics caused Y series motor noise, to the production and manufacture of high-quality products to increase the difficulty of the process.