Y Series Motor Cooling Method

Y Series Motor basic technical parameters of the meaning

1, the standard number JB / T9616-1996

2, shell protection structure type

Y Series Motor of small three-phase asynchronous motor basic series of IP23, IP44 two shell protection class. IP23 and IP44 mean: IP --- that the degree of protection of the logo, followed by the two digits of the requirements are as follows: Level requirements IP23 first digital to prevent finger contact and the cabinet charged or rotating part, to prevent Small solids outside the diameter of 12MM into the second digit and 60 degrees below the vertical line or less than 60 degrees of water on the motor should be no harmful effects IP44 first digital can prevent the thickness of more than 1MM tools, metal or similar The object touches the live or rotating part of the enclosure to prevent the entry of small solid foreign bodies with a diameter greater than 1MM, but does not include the vents of the suction or air supply of the external fan and the discharge holes of the enclosed motor, which shall have a secondary Protective performance of the second digit in any direction splashing on the motor, there should be no harmful effects.

3, installation structure and type

Y Series Motor installation structure, divided into the foot installation, with the foot with the flange end cover installed and installed with a flange cover three. According to the three basic installation structure, the motor installation type is divided into horizontal installation or vertical installation and shaft up or down, that is, B3, B35, B5, V1, V15 and other installation methods, the specific model check standard.

4, cooling method

Y Series Motor is basically by the surrounding air to cycle cooling.

IP23 motor is to use the rotor end ring on the fan as the driving element, the surrounding cold air from the end cover into the wind through the fan pressure, carrying part of the rotor heat, and then cooling the end of the stator winding and iron back, heated air from the machine Shell outside the discharge machine outside.

IP44 motor, the motor in the course of running the internal loss (iron loss, copper loss, mechanical loss) generated by the heat all the motor surface, through the installation of non-axial extension of the fan drive the surrounding air continuous blowing the motor surface, take the heat, To achieve the purpose of cooling the motor.

5, power level and installation size look-up table.

6, the main performance indicators Some motors and other plants may be shorter than the core, enameled wire fine, but the motor power and other performance indicators are in line with standard requirements.

7, winding temperature rise Y series motor with B-class insulation, allowing the winding temperature rise to 80K. The other F-class insulation allows the winding temperature rise to 115K. 8, operating conditions (1), the altitude does not allow more than 1000 meters, the maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, the minimum temperature of -15 ℃. The maximum humidity of the wettest month is 90% and the average monthly minimum temperature is not higher than 25 ° C. (2), the power supply voltage of 380V ± 5%, the frequency of 50HZ change does not exceed ± 1%, three-phase current no load when the imbalance does not exceed 10%, the load does not exceed 5%. The no-load current is typically 30-55% of the load current.