Wingostar Motor - Working Principle Of The Synchronous Motor

Synchronous motor and induction motor is a kind of commonly used ac motor.Features are: the steady state operation, the rotor speed and power grids frequency has the same relationship between n = ns = 60 f/p, ns become synchronous speed.If the frequency of the power grid is kept constant, steady state when the synchronous motor speed constant is constant and has nothing to do with the size of the load.Synchronous motor are divided into synchronous generator and synchronous motor.In the modern power plant communication machine is given priority to with synchronous motor.The establishment of the working principle of the main magnetic field: the field winding is connected with dc excitation current, establish polarity and excitation magnetic field, namely establish the main magnetic field.Current-carrying conductor: three-phase symmetrical armature winding ACTS as the power winding, become the carrier of induction electric potential or induced current.Cutting movement: prime mover drag the rotor rotation (mechanical energy input to the motor), polarity and excitation magnetic field with the axis of rotation and progressive cutting each phase winding of the stator windings (equivalent to the conductor reverse cutting excitation magnetic field).Produce alternating electric potential: due to the armature winding and the main magnetic field between the relative cutting motion, armature winding will sense if according to the size and direction changes periodically alternating voltage three phase symmetry.Through the lead wire, can provide the ac power.Paying degeneration and symmetry: as the rotating magnetic field and polarity, makes the induction electric potential of the alternating polarity;Due to the symmetry of the armature winding, ensure that the three phase induction electric potential symmetry