Winding Ground Y Series Motor Phase Short Circuit

With the Y series motor we use, it has a cage rotor asynchronous motor, protection class IP44, cooling method for the IC411, for driving without special requirements of various mechanical equipment, such as: machine tools, pumps, fans, etc. Come down with us to understand the next winding ground Y series motor phase short circuit.

Fault phenomenon

Y series motor in the running smoke, local temperature rise is too high, and burning smell.

2. Check the results

Y series motor three-phase current imbalance, a few turns or a coil into a bare line.

3. Causes and handling of faults.

4. See section 4 for the rest.

Winding phase short circuit:

Fault phenomenon

Y series motor not start, the motor power supply circuit fuse fuse or switch trip, the motor winding smoke, burning smell.

2. Check the results

Phase short-circuit parts of the multi-strand wire blown, surrounded by copper melting point.

3. Causes and handling of faults

1. For the off-line when the wire surface insulation scratches or winding end of the insulation is not good motor, should burn the wire to pick up, clean and then welded, and wrapped insulation flattened, into the slot after the brush on the insulating paint Drying, if not repaired, the original data should be rewound.

2. Winding between the windings and the referential cable must be compatible with the insulation level of the motor windings, the insulation of the casing should be longer than the solder joints 15 ~ 25mm.

Timely detection and rapid elimination of electrical equipment failure, to prevent the occurrence of accidents to ensure the smooth progress of production, which must be in accordance with the provisions of regular inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment to accurately determine and deal with the operation of electrical equipment failure to reduce equipment accidents, Work properly.