Water Cooled Electric Motor Factory

It is suitable for high temperature environment and variable frequency speed regulation system. The utility model is characterized in that the speed regulating range is wide, the operation is stable, the reliability is high, the operation efficiency is high, and the appearance design is novel and beautiful.

Water cooling motor is brushless structure, with excellent load characteristics, low speed performance, large starting torque, small starting current, and meet the need of frequent start of electric vehicles, saving energy.

The water cooling water cooling motor in the whole speed range motor efficiency, ratio of DC, AC frequency conversion water-cooled motor water-cooled motor (only in the amount fixed near the high efficiency) to improve the quality, improve vehicle mileage, improve the service life of the battery.

No spark, no carbon brush replacement, compact structure, high overload capacity, long service life.

The water cooling motor adopts plug-in rare-earth magnet steel, which is especially suitable for the needs of bumping, repeated starting, high speed, strong refusal to start, positive and reverse operation.

The water cooling motor rotor has a strong magnetic field in the coasting and braking state power effect is good, do not need to absorb the battery excitation (DC or AC motor cooling water cooling motor), energy feedback effect, electric braking effect is good.