Tianjin Wingo Star Motor Manufacturer

The new product that our factory just rolled out is the largest steel crushing motor in the province with the largest capacity. It's a large-scale motor developed independently for the current vehicle scrapping and recycling.

The production manager commented: "the broken iron and steel motor has filled the gap of Hebei province. Our customers are in the workshop and so on. They are offline. We haven't seen them all yet, and they are in short supply."

At the same time, the successful commissioning of permanent magnet synchronous motor indicates that our factory's dream of marching into space and navigation is beginning to come into reality.

Moreover, our factory is currently the largest detection center in the north of the Yangtze River, and all seven indicators can be detected. After testing, it can be passed in developed countries such as the United States, Germany and so on.

Our factory is the predecessor of Handan motor factory was founded in 1958, two large state enterprises in the construction, at the same time, invested 100 million yuan built to the north of the largest testing center of the Yangtze River, not only to achieve full coverage of the seven indicators of the motor, and all reached the international standard.

At present, the factory has successfully signed a contract with Northwestern Polytechnical University, which will become the practice base and new achievement transformation base of Northwestern Polytechnical University, which will provide strong support for the factory to grow bigger and stronger.

Our goal is to create the world's motor brand, and to make the national industry brilliant, to add power to the manufacturing power.

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