Three Phase Motors Factory

In modern society, electric energy is one of the most important energy sources in modern society. In the production, transportation and use of electric energy, the motor plays an important role. From 1830s, Faraday invented the world's first true motor - Faraday disk generator, and now, in 2010s, the development of the motor has passed through nearly 200 years of history. Ultrasonic motor from DC motor at the now hot, with the progress of science, the rapid development of productive forces, the motor replacement rate is accelerating, more and more wide range of applications, across all areas of production and life. Our country started 100 years later than the western countries in the field of electrical machinery, but the research and development speed is very fast. Many enterprises and universities also have their own new research technology, and the gap with the advanced countries is gradually shortened. In the future, I believe that the application and development of electrical machinery will be more environmentally friendly and more intelligent.