Three Phase Explosion Proof Electric Motor Manufacturers

Since 1912, Germany promulgated the world's first explosion-proof standards and began to produce explosion-proof motors, has been seven, eighty years of history.

In the early 40s, explosion proof motors were developed in advanced countries, and other countries began to produce in the late 40s and early 50s.

The technical level of explosion-proof motor production in 60s with the fastest developing speed, the upgrading of products.

In 70s, the production level of explosion-proof motors in various countries was in the stage of consolidation and improvement, the varieties of series increased, the types of explosion proof increased, the power range expanded, and the explosion proof standards also tended to be perfect.

The beginning of 80s, with the development of the motor industry, advanced industrial countries were once again updated on the explosion-proof electrical products, various standards accordingly formulated and revised, standardization level also gradually improve. The explosion-proof electrical equipment not only made the manufacturing and inspection standards, but also made the installation standards, so far the explosion-proof electrical equipment standards have formed a complete system.

Explosion proof motor production started in early 50s in china. Jiamusi motor factory successfully produced the first batch of explosion proof motors in China in March 1953, and created the explosion proof motor industry in china.

After 1958, there have been a number of new explosion-proof motor factory. Explosion-proof motor research and production base, the national export base of mechanical and electrical products.

For more than 40 years, explosion-proof motor has been updated several times, basically can adapt to the coal, oil, chemical and other major industrial and mining departments.