The Working Principle Of The Motor

The working principle of the motor

Stator (stationary part)

1. The stator core - a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, and the stator winding is placed on it.

2. The stator winding is the circuit part of the motor, which passes into the three-phase alternating current and produces a rotating magnetic field.

3, the seat - the fixed stator core and the front end cover to support the rotor, and play the role of protection, heat dissipation and so on.

Rotor (rotating part)

1. The rotor core - as part of the motor magnetic circuit and the rotor winding in the core slot.

2. The rotor winding - the rotating magnetic field of the cutting stator produces the induction electromotive force and the current, and forms the electromagnetic torque to make the motor rotate.

Other annexes

1, end cover - support effect.

2, bearing - - connecting the rotating part and the immovable part.

3, bearing end cover - protection bearing.

4. Fan - - cooling motor.