The Structure Of Three Phase Asychoronous Ac Motor

At both ends of the base to be installed on the cover, the cover plays the role of supporting the rotor, while sealing the motor cover the middle of the bearing mounting hole, the bearing cover is mounted on the bearing cover, there are fan cover in the back of the motor.


Insert the rotor into the middle of the stator through the bearing mounted on the cover, the cover mounted on the base, fitted with fan cover, a three-phase AC induction motor is formed.


After the cover is mounted on the base, the rotor, the stator and the stator windings are sealed in the base so as to be dustproof. The heat generated by the stator and the rotor is dissipated by the base shell and the air inside the cage rotor agitates the air As soon as possible to pass the heat on the shell, the shell of the heat sink to increase the cooling area. This is not enough in the motor cover, but also fan hood, fan cover, open vents at the end, the fan rotates like centrifugal fan air from the end of the fan into the fan cover and cover the gap between the blow Heat sink to the base to increase the cooling rate.