The New Opportunity For Construction Machinery Set Off A Full Recovery War

    Several years of downturn, the industry are constantly thinking, precipitation, summed up. The key factors causing low pass, the operation is laid before the market is too big, between the construction boom after the competitive pressure increase, the result is not hard to imagine. In 2017, accompanied by a series of policy development, the whole industry into two lines from beset with troubles internally and externally flowering, have the color performance at home and abroad, a new round of reshuffle has been officially opened. It is estimated that the industry bull market will not change much in the next 3-5 years, but there is still enough market potential to dig.

    This NPC and CPPCC mentioned in the government work report, to actively expand effective investment, guide capital to invest more to make up the short board, adjusting structure, promoting innovation, improve people's livelihood areas. This year, we will invest 800 billion RMB in railway construction, invest 1 trillion and 800 billion RMB in highway and waterway transportation, start 15 major water conservancy projects, and continue to strengthen the construction of major projects such as rail transportation, civil aviation and telecommunications infrastructure. The central budget for investment is 507 billion 600 million RMB. Implementing and improving policies and measures to promote private investment.