The Mayor Of The Government Visit To Our Wingo Star Motor Manufacturer

The deputy mayor and his party went deep into the production line to learn more about the Wingo Star Motor company’s production and operation, safe production and other situations. The chairman of the company, Technical Support, reported on the current company operations, the company's plans and strategies, and the project plans for the recent investment. The vice mayor of the scene coordinated the problems and difficulties encountered in the production and operation of the company and affirmed the achievements made by the company.


Finally, the vice mayor encouraged enterprises to truly implement the main responsibilities and strengthen on-site safety management. We must focus on promoting the construction of safe production standards for enterprises; at the same time, we must continue to emancipate our minds and advanced standards, introduce advanced production equipment, and improve production processes. Improve the production technology and refined management level, solve the problems constraining development, promote the transformation and upgrading, and realize the rapid and good development of the enterprise.


Welcome to visit to our Wingo star Motor manufactuter, we are looking forward to establish business relationship with you.