The Main Application Of Gear Motor

The main application of gear motor

The main application of gear motor in packaging and packaging machinery, such as packing machine, packing machine, packaging machinery etc.;

Metal processing machinery: such as calender, extension machine, punch machine, welding machine, cutting machine, pipe making machine, coiling machine and so on.

Mechanical work: lathe, milling machine, automatic CNC bed, special machine and so on.

Handling machinery: crane, feed machine, conveyor, roll up machine, hoist and so on;

Mechanical paper: carton making machine, from machine, breaker, book making machine, cutting machine, paper machine etc.;

Printing machinery: rotating machine, feed printing machine, polysilicon equipment special electromagnetic clutch, polysilicon production machinery and equipment, etc.

Woodworking machinery: sawing machine, woodworking machine, plywood machine and so on.

Transaction machinery: electronic copying machine, computer, fax machine, copper point computer, printer, etc.; measuring machine: test machine, endurance test device, measuring machine and so on.

Food machinery: meat cutting machinery, cake machinery, bottling machinery, surface machine and so on.

Other: reducer, electroplating device, chemical machinery, paper machinery, folding machine, resin processing machinery, washing machinery widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other general machinery gear transmission mechanism.

The gear motor has a high scientific and technological content. Space saving, reliable and durable.

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