The Deputy Mayor Of The Government Went To Our Company For Research And Guidance

  On the afternoon of March 28th, Gao Heping, the deputy mayor of the government, the Secretary of the district Party committee, Zhao Hongshan and the chief executive of the government Li Shuping came to SDA Motor Manufacturing Co.LTD to guide industrial operation and enterprise safety production.


  The deputy mayor,party secretary of district committee,and the chief executive of the government, they deep into the production line to understand the production, operation of the company, and the safety of production and so on. The chairman of SDA company has reported the current operation of the company, such as company's planning, strategy and the idea of the recent plan. The deputy mayor, Gao Heping, coordinates the problems and difficulties encountered by the enterprise in the process of production and operation, and affirms the achievements made by the company.


  Finally, the deputy mayor Gao encouraged the enterprises to truly implement the main responsibility, strengthen the field safety management, and make efforts to promote the construction of the standardization of enterprise safety production. At the same time, he stressed that we should constantly emancipate our minds, introduce advanced production equipment, improve production technology, constantly improve the level of production technology and meticulous management, solve the problems of restricting development, promote transformation and upgrading, and achieve rapid and sound development of enterprises.