Technical Meeting On Energy Efficiency Improvement Project Of Motor System Of Hebei Province

  For the implementation of the national "" 13th Five-Year "National Action Plan", "13th Five-Year" comprehensive energy reduction program of work "and" Hebei province energy "13th Five-Year" planning ", accelerate the elimination of backward equipment in key areas of Hebei Province, the overall level of energy efficiency, in July 26th, by the Hebei Provincial Industry Association launched and energy saving and clean production the organization," Hebei Province motor system energy efficiency improvement project "technology exchange will be held in Grand Valley International Hotel, the association secretary general Yang Liping presided over the meeting.


  Hebei xinsida motor Limited by Share Ltd as the motor manufacturing unit was invited to participate in this meeting, according to the regional energy using units of energy-saving motor, director xinsida motor technology services through the use of new products and the improvement of motor case, detailed description of the implementation of energy efficiency when lifting technology before the motor system, by the enthusiastic attention business representatives.