Teamwork, Responsibility To The Person - The Wingo Star Motor Signing Ceremony Of The Motor Sales Task Was Held

In order to ensure the realization of the sales target of the company in 2018, clear the goal of the 2018, the sales task signing ceremony of all the sales personnel of the company is solemnly held.

Sales, sales personnel are cadres signed, and swearing in ceremony, everyone rushed up. With the leadership of the chairman and the various departments of the business, the signing ceremony was successful.

It is an important measure to promote the mutual promotion of enterprise development and employee value promotion by carrying out the management goal responsibility system in a comprehensive way. It is reported that the contract text has been widely soliciting opinions and suggestions from all sides in the drafting process, and has reached an important consensus through friendly consultation and active docking. The final contract not only takes into account the continuity of the company's management mechanism, but also improves the times and customize the specific business team. The signing of the contract is the result of communication, mutual benefit and mutual trust between the company and all kinds of marketing staff at all levels. At the signing ceremony, the head of the enterprise issued a general mobilization order to all of you, and expressed the belief that these contracts will be landed, rooted, sprouted and bloomed in Enterprises until the date of signing, until they bear fruitful fruits, and achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and employees.

Through this contract, employees will be more closely linked with the company. In 2018 the company staff roll up your sleeves and go together to achieve new goals!

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