Strengthen The Industrial Base Of Intelligent Equipment And Shoulder The Important Mission

Made in China 2025 It is necessary to seize the R & D and production of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, and to speed up the research and development of intelligent products such as wearable products, smart appliances and service robots through intelligent manufacturing equipment such as high-end digital machine tools and industrial robots and intelligent production of building materials Industrialization, and vigorously promote the intelligent manufacturing process.

It is self-evident that the development of intelligent manufacturing is of great importance to China's manufacturing industry and even China's economy. As a professional media specializing in the field of manufacturing, advanced manufacturing All Media has long been concerned about the development of intelligent manufacturing and helped make and create a country with transformation and upgrading efforts. China-made 2025 Promoter. Advanced Manufacturing The whole media have successively launched the topic of intelligent manufacturing. They try to analyze the development of intelligent manufacturing in an all-round and deep-going way from intelligent manufacturing industry chain, intelligent factory, intelligent equipment, intelligent products, intelligent services, industrial transformation mode and industrial cluster development, Outline the outline of intelligent manufacturing.


Intelligent Manufacturing Topic 3: Intelligent Equipment ─ ─ strengthen the industrial base, mainly from the overall development of intelligent equipment and the application of key industries to analyze the development of equipment manufacturing.

First, the overall structure of intelligent equipment industry

"Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry; 12th Five-Year Development Plan" defines intelligent manufacturing equipment as a general term for all kinds of manufacturing equipment with the functions of perception, decision-making and execution. It is the integration and deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology. Intelligent manufacturing equipment, including intelligent control systems, automated production lines, smart instrumentation, high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and so on.

The core capabilities of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry are mainly reflected in the four major areas of key locomotive components, smart meters and control systems, CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, and smart special equipment.

The focus of our country is to promote the development of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, complete sets of automatic production lines, intelligent control systems, precision and intelligent instrumentation and test equipment, development of key basic components, components and common components, and smart special equipment to automate production processes, Intelligent, sophisticated, green, led the overall improvement of industrial technology.


Second, the intelligent equipment industry development overview

Overall, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our country has taken shape. In addition to achieving great achievements in the areas of aviation, shipbuilding, automobile and rail transportation, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China has gradually formed a series of high-end equipment manufacturing businesses that take Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing as the center of a number of manufacturing core area. However, compared with the developed countries, there is still a gap in the technological level of China's intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, especially in the key components such as servo motors, precision gear reducers, robot controllers and other aspects of the core technology accumulation and independent production capacity is weak. The control of key components and parts industries by foreign manufacturers made the prices of spare parts so high that they increased the production costs of domestic automation unit products and automation equipment and weakened the overall competitiveness of domestic manufacturers.


In recent years, China has promulgated a series of documents and measures aimed at promoting the development of smart manufacturing, creating a relaxed and favorable policy environment for smart manufacturing and manufacturing transformation and upgrading. According to the "Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by 2020, 60 key technologies and equipment for intelligent manufacturing will be developed to the level of similar products in the world, and the satisfaction rate in the domestic market will exceed 50%. Industrial Support Policies such as "Guide for Implementation of Smart Manufacturing Engineering" were promulgated one after another to promote the accelerated development of the industry.

From the perspective of the competitive landscape of enterprises in the intelligent equipment industry, the overall ranking of China's top 100 equipment manufacturing enterprises in 2017 has stabilized. Rail transportation equipment, additive manufacturing and general aviation will be bright spots for growth. The automobile industry will maintain its steady growth. The machinery industry will continue its trend of differentiation. The shipbuilding industry will gradually improve. The smart manufacturing will accelerate its development and the high-end equipment will be innovated and developed. Overall, in 2017, China's equipment manufacturing industry recorded a growth rate of about 7% in value-added. Its profitability improved overall over the previous year, but its operating profit margin and net profit per capita were at a disadvantage. Compared with the overall level There is still a big gap.