Status Quo And Development Trend Of Washing Machine Motor

With the development of society, washing machine is constantly high power density, energy-saving, environmental protection (low-noise), intelligent development, which also determines the variable speed motor will be the main motor. Especially inverter-fed motor and brushless motors, due to its reliability, convenient control, high efficiency, low noise, will be subject to an increasing number of users of all ages.

With the rapid economic development, energy conservation has become a worldwide issue. Therefore, becoming more and more popular for washing machines, how to improve use of motor efficiency is becoming more and more important. Meanwhile, with the improvement of people's consumption level and the quality of life, and also a growing demand for environmental protection and intelligent washing machines, motor as the primary power of the washing machine, and must continue to improve its performance. Currently there are two popular washing machines on the market: wave wheel and drum-type washing machines. No matter what kind of washing machine, its basic principle is by motor-driven impeller or drum rotation to produce water, wheel, drum by currents and waves to wash clothes, motor performance to a large extent determines the operation of the washing machine, it has decided that washing and drying quality and noise, vibration, etc.