Slip Ring Motor


The squirrel cage rotor is made of copper strips installed in the rotor core groove, and the two ends are welded with end rings, which are like the cage of the mouse. Small and medium-sized rotors are generally cast aluminum.

Winding and the stator winding rotor is similar to that of the three-phase windings connected into a star, three line connected to the three copper ring arranged on the rotating shaft, through a set of brushes is connected with the external circuit.

The squirrel cage motor has simple structure, low price, control the motor operation is relatively simple, so widely used. While the motor winding structure is complex, the price is high, the motor control operation is relatively complex, its application is relatively less. But because of its winding type motor starting, running torque is large, general used in heavy load.

Problem supplement:

The three-phase winding of squirrel cage motor generally has power of more than 3KW and is connected to an angle, while the motor power less than 3KW is usually connected to star shaped