Say The High Voltage Electric Motor Related To The Situation

The so-called high-voltage motor is the voltage of more than 1000V motor, our factory is a multi-year sales of high-voltage motor manufacturers, a series of excellent quality of various models of high-voltage motor, and now let us talk about the high-voltage motor.

First, the advantages of high-voltage motor is power, to withstand the impact of strong

Second, the shortcomings of high-voltage motor is inertia, start and brake are difficult.

Third, high-voltage motors can be used in mining, petrochemical enterprises

Fourth, high-voltage motor can be divided into high-pressure synchronous; high-pressure asynchronous; high-voltage asynchronous winding;

Fifth, the working principle of high-voltage motor

1, enter the motor power supply

2, the current between the stator and the rotor generated electromagnetic induction

3, the use of electromagnetic similarity rejection principle

4, to promote the rotor

5, turn the work, produce force

6, the rotation of the power generated by other equipment

Six, high-voltage motor maintenance process which

1, winding, in accordance with the motor voltage level selection line,

2, before forming the dressing, dressing the purpose is to protect the coil insulation, interlayer insulation and turn-to-turn insulation is not damaged

3, forming, using the molding machine to complete this process

4, plastic surgery, in order to prevent the crowded embedded when the embedded line does not go, resulting in embedded line difficult

5, bandaged mica tape and hot pressing, hot pressing the purpose is:

(1, after the shape can be easily embedded line.

(2, can be moisture and water immersion.

(3, to prevent corona discharge to the slot outside.

(4, to complete the closure of the outside world, free high pressure breakdown.

6, test pressure,

7, embedded line, all the wiring line is completed, the whole motor again hit the pressure once finished.

8, dipping paint, the purpose is to solidify the wire rod insulation and insulation inside and outside the tank to prevent vibration damage to the insulation structure.

9, test, the use of machine parameters test