Sale YE2 Series Electric Motor To Tailand

On Jan.9th, a Tailand customer place an YE2 electric motor order to me. 

Very happy for that. And i guess the reason he choose us is because our best quality motor and professional manufacturer. 

Wingo Star electric motor Manufacturer was founded in 1958. Our factory covers an area more than 260,000 square meters, to be the biggest in north China. We are specializing in various series from low voltage (like Y, Y2, YR, YE2, YE3, JS, JR, YZ and YZR series) to high voltage (like Y, YR, YKK, YRKK and YKS series) three phase asynchronous electric motors with high efficiency and energy saving, economization on power and material consumption. Besides, we also do OEM to meet their diversified and personalized needs.

If you interested our motor, pls feel free to contact me. It's our pleasure to serve you. 

Lucy | Director Manager


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