Reasons For Disturbance Caused By Large Current And Overload Trip Of Well Submersible Motors And Their Treatments

Reasons and treatment methods of over-planting trip with submersible motors in wells

Wells are related to the voltage of the power supply, the failure of the water pump and the motor, and improper use of the over-trip trip in the operation of the submersible motor.

(1) Power supply voltage is too high or too low If the power supply voltage is too high or too low, it will have an adverse effect on the use of well submersible motors. The processing method is to adjust the voltage to 342V~400V.


(2) Two-phase operation of the submersible motor When the submersible motor is operated in two phases, the current of the motor will be too large, and some coils of the stator winding group will overheat, and the operation time will be long, resulting in damage to the stator winding. When the two-phase operation of the motor was found out, it should be stopped immediately and the reason for the two-phase operation of the submersible motor should be checked. Relevant processing methods Refer to the relevant contents in the first section of this chapter, Analysis and Handling of Common Faults of Submersible Pumps.

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(3) The flow of the submersible pump in the well is too large (or too small) to go beyond the scope of use, causing the submersible motor in the submersible motor to use an overload flow beyond the scope of use to overload the well submersible motor: for centrifugal wells For submersible pumps or mixed-flow submersible pumps, the flow rate used is too large. The shaft power of the submersible pump for the well will increase, which will overload the well submersible motor. For the axial well submersible pump, the used lift is high and the flow rate is too high. Small, wells with submersible pump shaft power increase will overload the well with a submersible motor. The treatment method is to properly adjust the outlet valve of the well submersible pump. For the centrifugal well submersible pump or the mixed well submersible pump, the flow rate should be appropriately reduced (the flow rate should be increased appropriately for the axial well submersible pump) so that the well is used. The submersible pump's use flow rate is within the normal use range to avoid overloading the submersible motor in the well.


(4) When the impeller of the submersible pump is blocked by aquatic plants and debris, and the friction is serious, the mechanical loss of the well submersible pump will be greatly increased and the load of the submersible motor will be greatly increased. When the impeller is seriously contaminated by aquatic plants and debris, the submersible motor may even stall. Therefore, when it is discovered that the impeller of the submersible pump for wells is blocked by aquatic plants and debris, it is necessary to immediately stop and disassemble the submersible pump for wells, clear the submergible pump impeller or the water grass and debris in the flow channel so that the impeller rotates smoothly and quickly. Repair well submersible pump.

(5) The reverse treatment method for the well submersible pump is to switch the power supply line or the well submersible motor in any two phases.