Reasons For Deformation Of Explosion Proof Electric Motor Base

In the Explosion Proof Electric Motor used in the process, the failure caused by the main seat in its deformation, the seat deformation will directly affect the operation of Explosion Proof Electric Motor. So, what causes the base to be deformed? Xiaobian specially invited to Nanyang Explosion Proof Electric Motor technology chief engineer to explain:

The deformation caused by the frame is composed of two factors: design and manufacture:

1, the design reasons: not fully in accordance with the theory of structural mechanics design force, such as the base axle, radial tendons size, shape, location design; chassis overall design is not symmetrical. For example, the effective part of the lower part after machining is too small.

2, the production reasons: aging is not in place; metal processing fashion card parts and uneven force, processing finished, release the clamping parts, the seat due to rebound and deformation. Handling deformation, but this is a secondary reason.

As the Explosion Proof Electric Motor running in the presence of resonance phenomenon, often appear in a certain speed, in the start process fleeting. So the seat deformation is not easy to detect. Due to aging is not in place and the resulting deformation, is not easy to be aware of. Due to the complete release of welding stress takes a long time, so the processing is difficult to find, especially when the duration is short. This is also a typical risk. So in the Explosion Proof Electric Motor production process must pay special attention.