Professional Modern JR Motor Suppliers

professional modern JR motor suppliers

JR series motors are used to drive various machines, such as ventilators, compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, elm machinery and other equipment. This series of motors are generally self ventilated. The motor should be in the altitude of no more than 1000 meters, the use of the site air temperature is not higher than +40 Celsius indoor normal work, the temperature rise limit in line with the national standard GB/T755-2000. This series of motors meet the requirements of JB563-64 and JB564-64 issued by the Ministry of machinery industry.

JR and JS series motors are medium-sized three phase asynchronous motors. They are unified motors designed by our country in 50s and not in the early 60s. They are divided into two parts, low voltage and high voltage, which are the basic series of medium-sized three-phase motors.

Y series three-phase motor is a new energy saving motor developed in recent years in our country. JR and JS series motors have been eliminated and replaced by Y series.

The same power, that is, the same capacity, but the Y series motor volume ratio JR, JS series motor small volume.