Opportunities In The Machinery Industry In 2017


    The central economic work conference pointed out that 2017 is the supply side structural reform deepening, to focus on the revitalization of the real economy, we must adhere to improve the quality and core competitiveness as the center, insist on innovation driven development, the expansion of high quality products and services for the. This is the biggest positive for the machinery industry.

    At the same time, with the "2025" Chinese manufacturing work to further promote the "strong foundation", "intelligent manufacturing" and other special and major technical transformation and upgrading of the implementation of the project, the leading role of industrial policy on the development of machinery industry and the economic operation will be further released. In addition, the implementation of the transformation efficiency major tasks and safeguard measures to promote the mechanical adjustment of industrial structure, is not only a continuation of the "12th Five-Year" machinery industry adjustment and revitalization planning policy, but also the specific deployment of "13th Five-Year" mechanical and industrial development requirements, aimed at the development of machinery industry in the short board and contradictory crux, guidance, targeted and very strong operation, provides a good policy environment for the development of machinery industry, the whole industry to boost confidence and determination.