Non-inductive Brushless Motor Driver

It adopts the space vector control technology of speed closed loop and current closed loop, and has the advantages of wide speed range Can reach 100), small fluctuations in speed (0.1%), high efficiency and energy saving. Automatically identify the motor parameters of special features, to adapt to different three-phase permanent magnet motor and three-phase stepper motor, etc., and help to maximize the performance of the motor. Up to 5 kinds of speed regulation mode to meet the application needs of various occasions, and has a perfect protection mechanism, standard RS-232, RS-485 and other communication interfaces, can facilitate network communication control, with a variety of brand man-machine Direct interface. If used with PC software, can improve performance, with parameters, operating data set, the operation of the motor is more convenient.


The main function

1, rapid self-learning ability to adapt to a variety of three-phase synchronous motor, simply set the motor rated speed, pole pairs, rated current and the drive output current, the drive can be automatically matched with the motor parameters in order to better play Motor performance. 2, IO input Up to 11 inputs Up to 10, and each input is equipped with a separate filter. 3, adjust the range of 30rpm ~ rated speed, up to 30000RPM, acceleration and deceleration time can be set to accelerate the smooth and small fluctuations in speed. 4, long-term compensation, motor and drive connections up to 200M to meet the needs of special outdoor occasions. 5, the torque limit function, because of its use of the current closed-loop space vector control technology, real-time monitoring of the control current to meet the torque requirements of a special industry applications. 6, with more than 20 surveillance phase and large capacity alarm logger allows you to keep abreast of the state of the drive to improve or understand the working status of the device. 7, has a strong PC software features, so you can quickly understand the performance of the drive. The host computer comes with 43 monitoring feature allows you to debug the use of less.