Motor Industry On The Road To High Efficiency And Energy Saving

In the context of the global energy, development of energy-efficient motor global motor industry consensus. United States, and Canada, and Mexico, and Brazil, and Australia and New Zealand and other countries have developed energy-efficiency standards and energy efficiency label systems for motor, motor energy conservation and efficiency was clear timetable, implementation modalities and scope of application.

In recent years, Europe and other developed countries and regions continue to increase access to energy efficiency standards, basic has been using high efficiency motors, parts began to promote the use of super high efficiency motors, motor system efficiency higher than 3%-5%, this gap is equal to the average energy efficiency of high efficiency motors and General Motors gap.

High efficiency motors meet the long-term benefits to the enterprise.

China's motor industry "Twelve-Five plan" highlighted, "' Twelve-Five ' during focusing around ' motor system energy-saving projects, ' restructuring and revitalization of equipment manufacturing, new energy technologies in the field of promoting and optimizing development of a number of key products of high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection, eliminated a number of general efficiency of electrical products, promote the upgrading of products.