Maintenance Of High Voltage Motor Steps

I. winding

High pressure motor by voltage grade need selection double Asia amine, single Asia amine, thin double silk, various specifications of silk package flat line, material complete Hou, can in winding machine Shang around business made Shuttle type into circle, General motor shortest coil line part 25 cm, maximum coil line part 1.2 meters, around business can single flat around, single State around, also can double flat for bit around, also can double flat for bit State around, according to specific requirements determine. Disc universal regulation may also be wound round wire coils. Winding machine built-in a Taiwan adjustable speed motor and a Taiwan Turbo Vortex Rod deceleration machine, led winding machine achieved 0-120 turned/points of can Shun inverse can brake of rotating, and can pros and cons count, General can around business 1600KW within of various motor coil, another distribution has simple rose tight device a, can control around business coil of elastic degrees, General of garage home selection above products can, as encountered special large specifications Shi, can select special shaped around business equipment.

II. prior to forming dress

After high-voltage motor spindle coil winding, with contraction bands, insulating materials such as yellow wax Ribbon wrapped in order to: protect the coil external insulation, insulating, turn to turn insulation is not damaged. -Pull machine from mold fixture, nose pins, such as friction, prevent loosening of the deformation.

Wrap coils generally with the workers, because working women talk dexterity and speed, General-stretch bandaging for 3-5 people. You can also use electric machine.