Low Price 3 Phase Motors Factory

The three-phase motor allows direct starting pressure, such as load torque is not big, also can use step-down starting, starting when the motor starting torque decreased roughly proportional to the square of the voltage, if the load inertia mechanical (J) values in a certain range, the electric motive allowed cold continuous starting two times, heat starting a continuous state.

This series of motor frequency is 50Hz, voltage is 6kV, 10kV two kinds, its characteristic is as follows:

1., in full compliance with national standards (GB/T13957-92)

2., motor efficiency than the average increase of 2% of older products

3., the use of box structure, the realization of zero meters layout, easy transportation, installation, maintenance and maintenance. The utility model can save the investment cost of the building and the users, and flexibly change the ventilation and protection type of the motor according to the user's need.

4. stator winding adopts "F" level solvent-free immersion insulation system

5., the motor adopts end cover type sliding bearings, in order to prevent oil leakage, the use of "air seal" and "floating labyrinth" device structure

6. three-phase motors with aluminum or copper rotor, reliable operation.

Ventilation and protection type: the ventilation of the motor adopts radial self ventilation, the cooling air enters the two sides of the axial direction from the motor and is discharged inside the motor, and then is discharged along the radial sides of the upper cover.