Large Synchronous Motors Are Assembled And Debugged Successfully.

 2018 is an important year of the implementation of the "13th Five- Year Plan", this year is also important for our company to deepen the reform to meet challenges and improve various indicators.

Sales orders in January were three times more than the same period last year, which makes a good beginning for receiving sales orders. This is a good sign for production work. The new year means a new starting, a new opportunity, a new challenge and a new dream.


  After the YRKK800-10,2240kw electric motor and the YRKK900-10,3000kw electric motor supply market, the new TDMK1250,36/2600,10kv and TDMK800-36/2600 synchronous motors has been developed. At present, the synchronous motor has entered the stage of assembly and debugging and will soon serve the society.


  SiDa Electric Motor Co.LTD has formed a benign product structure with high efficency, high or low voltage electric motor, large synchronous electric motor, YTS electric motor for mining,and TYC permanent magnet synchronous motor. The new journey is waiting for us to set sail, we will achieve greater success in the motor market.