Lanzhou Petrochemical Company For High-voltage Motor Leads All Put On "body Armor"

A few days ago, for the factory unit in Lanzhou petrochemical company of HV motor leads were all put on "body armor"-insulation protection tube to prevent the motor lead wire insulation aging, damage caused by shutdowns accident occurred.

Petrochemical plants, rubber, ethylene plant and fertilizer plant is a major chemical manufacturing unit in Lanzhou petrochemical company, production running smoothly is particularly important. The daily routine, once the lead insulation is broken or aging, causing motor wire grounding, key device abnormal shutdown, will lead to massive shutdown, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Grounding lead for the effective prevention of critical equipment, technicians of the company according to the realities of field equipment, design scheme is proposed, in the original motor lead wire insulation installed "insulated", so that it acts as a true "insulation" effect and ensure a continuity of operation. At present, the high voltage motor leads put on "body armor", the effect is obvious, for the production of long term operation provides strong power protection devices.