Inverter And Motor Change The Motive Force

Motor with frequency converter are three types: ‍ ‍

1.Ordinary functional type

The basic v/f variable frequency speed regulation function, the speed regulation precision and the torque control performance requirements not high general applications can be satisfied.

2.High functional

V /f variable frequency speed regulation with torque control function is widely adopted for the constant torque load of the hoist.

3.Vector control or direct torque control

The vector control frequency converter must be used in high performance applications with high dynamic performance requirements such as rolling and papermaking.


The application of frequency converter.

Inverter technology, it is not too mature for high performance application on fan, water pump matching is change pole speed three-phase asynchronous motor more, but because there are used to do wide range smooth speed regulation, not to mention performance optimization.

Inverter application is very common nowadays, specially for the fan and pump type load by frequency conversion motor optimization design, can achieve the efficiency of the whole speed range, the power factor of electrical properties at high levels.