Inventory Of Motor Energy-saving Measures

Reasonable selection of motor type. Y series motor is a unified national design new products, is currently an advanced induction motor, the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and good starting performance. New motor, you should first consider to choose energy-efficient brand, and other performance indicators need to be considered, in the interest of saving electrical energy.

Reasonable selection of the rated capacity of the motor. States on the operation of three-phase asynchronous motor 3 provides as follows: load ratio between 70%~100% for economic operation; load factor 40%~70% for the General runs district; load rate 40% for the non-economic areas. If the motor size selected is too large, although able to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment, but not only increased investment, but also its efficiency and power factor is low, resulting in waste of electricity. Taking into account the needs of both devices run, and make it possible to improve efficiency, load rate 60%~100% is desirable.