Increase The Number Of New Motor Volume 75% Mileage

The two companies are located in United States, Georgia, their cooperation aims to provide auto parts small, lightweight electric device. At present, most electric vehicles use high torque electric motor, the motor size, and became part of the thermal management system with motor protection. In the case of large-scale use of, those attempts to try to reduce motor size usually results in torque output efficiency loss, cause energy loss. DHX companies claim that they designed the motor size 75%, but the loss of efficiency of heat treatment did not, even in situations of mass use, motor function is also well maintained.

The electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is the use of coil, or stator, produce a rotating magnetic field and rotor to form magnetic electric torque. In the use of motor, power coil produced most of the heat. Under normal conditions, air or liquid cooling the motor enclosure and chassis cooling. DHX company design, coil in a heat exchanger to heat more efficiently. DHX call it winding directly heat exchangers (Direct-Winding Heat Exchanger). It consists of subtle channels, so that you can reduce the heat dissipation of the thermal resistance of the coil. The tiny device can replace a heavy liquid cooling device, replacing inefficient air cooling, cooling efficiency is greatly improved.